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Hope Cahan

for Falmouth Town Council

Hope strives to be the change she wants to see in the world. As a mom, neighborhood advocate, and policy analyst, Hope Cahan has dedicated her life to strengthening communities, protecting the environment, and being the voice for the underrepresented. She is running for Falmouth Town Council to continue this work and to make sure that Falmouth’s policies, growth, and environmental stewardship reflect the needs and values of its residents.


She has worked on the issues of City Planning, Transportation, Sustainability, Parks, Public Safety, Air Quality, Human Trafficking Prevention, Domestic Violence Prevention, Education, Gender Equities, Community Engagement and Tax Measure Spending Oversight. She also understands the complex budgets of large organizations from her work monitoring the annual budgets of three multi-million dollar public agencies.


Hope has the experience needed to be an effective Town Councilmember.





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Hope's Priorities

stable taxes

Hope will invest your tax dollars wisely, on programs and services that enhance quality of life and public safety. Hope will support small businesses and the continued development of a strong local economy.


Roads are expensive to maintain and when they don't get maintenance, repair costs increase exponentially. Hope understands this and will work to keep Falmouth's roads in good condition by supporting pavement maintenance and working to make roads safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Smart growth

Rapid growth brings many challenges to communities, like traffic and increases in the cost of housing. Hope will evaluate each project from a comprehensive perspective. She will take into account how they will impact our schools, our roads, our public safety & emergency responders and our taxes.

green space & environment

Falmouth has invested in maintaining its green space, parks and trails. Hope will work to protect and improve upon this and to increase the town's sustainability policies. 


Falmouth schools are the pride of our community. Hope will consider those schools in every decision she makes. And because we shouldn't be funding the schools all on our own, Hope will work with the school board to lobby our State Representatives for adequate funding.


Hope will work to improve city communication with residents so that they are informed and have a chance to voice their opinions on development projects and policy proposals.


One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.
— John F. Kennedy


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Hope Cahan






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